Meet the Real Women Behind the Core to Coeur x Daub and Design Collab.

by Madison Page, CEO and Co-Founder: Core to Coeur

It’s a simple problem — movers need clothes to move in. Given how many clothing companies are in the market to choose from, it should be easy to find clothing that helps you move… right?

Well.. not really.

As a professional mover (call me Teacher of Pilates, Maker of Dances), I’ve always had to MacGuyver my way into clothing that feels good. Rubber bands around the ankles of sweatpants? Check. Scissors to cut a baggy t-shirt into structured frock? Check. Slice the back for more hang? Check. All of this to say it’s actually quite difficult for us to buy turnkey clothing that checks ALL the boxes:

Functional: Clothing that helps you move and doesn’t hinder your body’s capacity to move.

Form: Clothing that you don’t have to change in and out of for daily activities. We need to to take our Pilates classes (on Core to Coeur of course), we need to walk, we need to work, and we need to socialize, we need to watch TV with a glass of wine balanced on our stomachs. Bring us clothing that doesn’t make us wonder “Does this look good?” or “This waistband is digging into me when I sit”.

Feel: Good. It’s tough when clothing doesn’t make you feel like you. One of our Core to Coeur students described it as “Wearing clothing where I can just be”. Not too tight. Always showing the parts we feel comfortable showing; leaving enough space for us to live and move. We get that too.

I found out about Lexi and Daub and Design through various Pilates colleagues and felt so compelled to click their posts when I saw the iconic tie-dye prints on social. When C2C’s time came to partner with some fresh perspectives in wellness apparel, I jumped at the opportunity to partner with D + D.

Lexi Soukoreff, CEO and founder of Daub and Design.

We partnered with 7 of our movement and wellness teachers on Core to Coeur (including me! Photos down below); Daub generously sent sent us all the latest spring collection to showcase what wellness means to us in the realest of ways. Not “toxic” wellness where you end up feeling worse off knowing of all the ways you should be taking better care of yourself. We’re inspired to embody self care through practical tips: how we manage anxiety, how we show love for ourselves when everything feels so backwards in our lives and in the world, show how we can move during the day without having to do the mental gymnastics to get into class.

We’re ending this 10 day wellness campaign with an interview series from four Core to Coeur teachers and Daub and Design (with answers from both founders of the brands) plus we are announcing a GIVEAWAY dropping tomorrow at 6:00am PST on Instagram (keep your eyes peeled for the prizes and how to enter).

We hope you pick up on the sentiment that every person keeps coming back to when finding the right clothing to move:


The Daub and Design x Core to Coeur Interview Series: Part I

What is your current movement practice?

Catherine: One of my own movement practices is teaching five Restorative Exercise classes each week. Moving on the mat with students sets me up to move better in everything I do off the mat. Walking is my all time favorite meditative movement practice. I love SUP (stand up paddle) and get out on the water at least a couple times each week.

Madison: Right now, my movement practice is a lot of walking, sitting on the floor, and lying down. I try to take a Pilates or movement class when I’m not working, about 2 or 3 times a week.

Anna: I teach Restorative Exercise, ELDOA and yoga. My recent practice includes online classes with a variety of movement teachers and regular restorative and yoga nidra. Off the mat, I use a dynamic workspace during office hours and am up for almost anything outdoors. From barefoot adventures walking, hiking, rock climbing, and gardening to cold dips and snowboarding for winter.

Carol: I teach Restorative Exercise (Nutritious Movement certified) and I’m also certified in Pilates and Yoga but I don’t teach them. I do yoga for myself mainly with Jules Mitchell. I also walk as much as possible and sleep and dwell on the floor (furniture free) so I get a lot of movement that way.

Maria: My movement practices are running, trail running, hiking, military boot camps, yoga, ballet, lyrical and musical theatre dance, Aerial (lyra/silks), active recovery, pilates and competitive obstacle (OCR) races.

Lexi: I had always been active throughout my life but there have definitely been times with my career where it’s been challenging to keep it consistent. I swam competitively and played softball as kid and loved running and weight training as a young adult. In university, I moved towards yoga to help with stress management and finding a sense of calm. This past year I began training with a personal trainer weekly and committed to training 3–5x times a week on my own. For me, fitness is about finding the movement that works for you in each stage of your life. Sometimes you don’t have the energy or time for one activity that used to suit you and that’s okay. Try something else as long as you keep your body moving in some capacity.

For me, fitness is about finding the movement that works for you in each stage of your life. — Lexi

Catherine: After breaking my ankle in 2011 and then crushing my knee in 2014, I needed a way to regain strength and balance, especially in walking. A friend pointed me to Restorative Exercise and I became such a believer that I applied to become a certified teacher. I opened “Your Movement Project” (my teaching practice) in 2018.

Madison: In 2015 I started teaching Pilates, but started to teach dance probably around 2010 in college to elementary and middle school kids. It has always been a gift to teach movement and make an income from it. Seeing people enjoying moving while amidst the chaos of life has always given me so much energy.

Anna: My feet were killing me from bunions related to a much larger biomechanics picture. Fortunately, I was introduced to an osteopath who was a Restorative Exercise Specialist. I have a background in mechanics and combining that with the empowerment of information, I was hooked. I started my own movement journey and shortly after applied to start the certification program. Embarking on my first yoga teacher training around the same time, I said I would never teach — we all laugh looking back at that now.

Carol: I started taking Pilates in the ‘90s when my daughter was in ballet class. The ballet teacher was also trained in Pilates. I got hooked because at the time I was riding dressage and it made such a huge difference in my riding. Even my riding coach noticed but nobody knew what Pilates was then. It wasn’t a household word.

Maria: Everything starts from my dad. He was a bodybuilder and physical trainer at the Army and he put me in Ballet classes since I was a little kid. I’m a former professional dancer and for me movement and wellness are a lifestyle.

Catherine: As an extremely independent older person who has healed from serious injury and illness during the last decade, it’s taken me a while to recognize and integrate self care as rest, play and joy.

Madison: Sometimes self care can turn on you and feel like you have to do it. That’s very stressful to me when I don’t have the time.

Anna: Consistency and being ok with not having the usual “measures” of productivity.

Carol: Putting yourself first is often hard for a woman and mother (of any age).

Maria: Dedication, discipline and consistency.

Lexi: Time, routine and dedication. It’s really easy to get caught up in our every day — especially when running a business or an erratic schedule. This past year, I was forced to stay home/slow down and I had to create routines. Being motivated and disciplined is key.

Catherine: I fell in love this year! And my sweetheart and I decided to move in together. I learned that it’s never too late to find love.

Madison: Really, deeply understand my own motivations for doing things. I learned that sometimes you do things for the appearance or to be different. I can waste a lot of time virtue signaling and trying to be unique. I like Starbucks coffee and things to come easily. I learned I’m self interested just like everyone else. I learned what it takes to build a successful scaleable company and how no one, will ever know how hard that is unless they do it and that success is a barometer that is elusive. I learned to keep things predictable, small, and loving. That people who take the time to tell you you matter are people I aspire to be like (Anna below, sent me a care package for the 1 year anniversary of C2C and it still makes me cry thinking about that quiet act of love). I’ve learned you can always do more with so much less than you thought. And that being vegan is hard when you’re stressed out!

Anna: To respect my own boundaries.

Carol: This year has been an incredible opportunity to step away from the rat race, make business decisions that I might have procrastinated about or never implemented otherwise. I learned all kinds of tech stuff and marketing and frankly I feel like I am just getting going. Personally (as an introvert) it has been a joy to have a pass not to be pressured into social situations and to have so much time to think and reflect on what I want my future to be.

Maria: Confidence and more patience.

Lexi: This past year turned my world upside down. I went from traveling across the country to events 2–4x a month to being grounded. The business as I knew it needed to be agile and it was a challenge keeping up to a new online presence, especially with the outpouring of support for small businesses. I was able to focus and spend time on building my business — everything from email marketing, ads, UX design, product development to eventually opening our first brick and mortar store! I grew the team around me and was able to spend time on relationships that have since blossomed. The lifestyle I was previously living was not conducive to personal or professional growth in a sustainable way.

Catherine: I like soft, quiet clothing that is not too tight. I’m sensitive to thick elastic bands on leggings or tops. The DAUB bike shorts have the right soft and smooth fit.

Madison: These DAUBs are honestly giving me life. Also — I love to move in dresses, I think we need to start a dress movement movement and make it cool to take yoga and restorative exercise and meditation classes in dresses! Oh and jumpsuits — bedroom to boardroom to Pilates class anyone?

Anna: Anything that feels good and doesn’t make me think “Can I do _____ in this?”. Lately a short dress or tunic top over shorts or leggings are my layered go-to for all kinds of seasons and activities. (Yes to the dress movement movement Madison!! 👆)

Carol: I love baggy clothes like harem pants, Thai fisherman pants, and loose shirts. I also like leggings. Layers. The search for the perfect leggings is like the holy grail for movement teachers. DAUB leggings are so stretchy and thin — perfect.

Maria: Anything I can see my body alignment and long muscles in.

Lexi: I’m usually in DAUB (obviously!) because of the fit and feel of the fabric. I choose the fabrics to be comfortable and help you feeling comfortable and strong. The last thing I want to think about during a workout is if my pants are falling down or uncomfortable. I really want to be able to focus on either my form or practice. I’m looking for items that are breathable and let me move. We’ve got a new Ribbed Collection that I’m obsessed with coming out this July. Right now you’ll find me in the Bike Shorts to keep cool.

Catherine: I need to wear tighter fitting clothes to demonstrate body position while teaching. When I’m walking or paddling, I like looser, lightweight tops and bottoms.

Madison: Both.

Anna: It really depends on what I’m doing. Both tight and loose have their applications, especially when climbing or teaching. Whatever I’m wearing, the fabric has to feel nice against my skin — these Daub leggings get 4 stars! I also really want my clothes to keep coverage in the right spots but not restrict all that movement!

Carol: Both! It depends. Often when teaching I need to show my position so tighter fitting clothes are called for. When I am relaxing and moving for my own sake, I usually pull on my baggy stretchy pants.

Maria: Fitting.

Lexi: Definitely a mix of both. I find I feel most comfortable when I balance tight with looser fit — either loose top with leggings or tight top with a wide leg pant. I have a bust and hips so it’s nice to have some shape with my clothing. My favourite outfit right now is our Bike Shorts with the Alex Tank which is fitted at the bust and loose in the mid section. I often knot it in the front and let the back hang down.

Catherine: Very!

Madison: Super important. If I can’t breathe I can’t wear it; I’ve busted every pair of the crotch part of my pants. I really wish companies would make more durable pants that you can wear in many different kinds of settings.

Anna: Absolutely and not just for the arms and legs either — I don’t want my breathing and core performance hindered by cinching at the waist.

Carol: 100% If I am restricted in any way I can’t get those clothes off fast enough.

Maria: Yes!

Lexi: Of course! It helps with confidence and fluidity of movement. I’m a believer of wearing what feels good and non-constricting. Our organs and body needs space to do their work!

I’m a believer of wearing what feels good and non-constricting. Our organs and body needs space to do their work! — Lexi

Catherine: My life requires casual clothes that can move with me, exactly where I want to go. I don’t have anything in my closets or drawers that would restrict me in any way. Even my “fancy” clothes are soft, stretchy and colorful.

Madison: Because it can be really helpful in relation to anxiety and also encouraging my body to move more if I create a good environment. Good clothing has the power to set me up right where I am more inclined to move when I wear it. Especially working from home — get OUT of those pjs girl.

Anna: Because we [humans] were designed to be free to move in all the ways so the coverings we choose don’t need to interfere.

Carol: I like what Katy Bowman said recently about clothes — she was talking about kid’s clothes and how we have clothes for them to play in and clothes for more formal times. We don’t call those clothes “sedentary clothes.” But that’s exactly what they are!

Maria: You should be able to move your body with freedom.

Lexi: Clothing has always been a way to express ourselves and for women it hasn’t always been about being able to move freely. Historically, many items have done the complete opposite. Luckily times have changed and fashion has evolved to allow us the choice of comfort. Comfort does not have to be about sacrificing style. You can absolutely be comfortable and look pulled together.

You should be able to move your body with freedom.

— Maria

Madison: A huge thing is being able to sit down easily. When I am wearing tighter jeans or skirt it is impossible to sit down. I think about how that impacts all the things my body needs to do well in order to function well for the remainder of my life.

Anna: A big factor for me is pressure on my abdominal area. Cinching and elastic waistbands make me hold unnecessary tension affecting more subtle things like breathing, ribs, and pelvic movement.

Carol: I like tops that don’t ride up and pants your belly doesn’t push down, so if something is going to “expose” me when I squat or roll around I don’t feel comfortable. I also like tops that aren’t going to expose me when I bend over. I am small chested so I don’t need a bra but I don’t want to bend over and worry!

Maria: Yes, it depends on the quality of the material the clothes are made from and the fitting needs to be anatomically correct.

Lexi: I really can’t wear anything that puts pressure around my midsection. I’m really sensitive and feel it immediately. I need to be able to move through my day or workout without thinking about what I’m wearing. I’m busy — no time for worrying if I’m covered.

Catherine: My website is I’m @yourmovementproject on IG and FB. Soon to launch a weekly blog on aging well! No link yet, but folks can find it by joining my mailing list. I teach weekly virtual classes on my Core to Coeur digital studio.

Madison: I have a virtual Pilates class at 4:00pm PST on Mondays that come rain or shine I teach. My Pilates classes are a framework for functional strength and mobility with all ages and sizes and people accounted for. Other than that — shoot me an email and say hey :)

Anna: My website is, You can join an email list there as well. On IG I’m at @alignment.anarchist and my Facebook page is AMalignment. I teach on Core to Coeur too!

Carol: is my website and I teach on Core to Coeur. My business is called Alignment Rescue so that’s my social media handle on IG and FB.

Maria: I teach HIIT classes on Core to Coeur! Here’s my email and my IG @maria_grl_pwr

Lexi: @daubanddesign on IG and

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